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A beautiful lawn takes more than seeding the right lawn grass.  Soil type, fertility, P.H., and the control of diseases insects and weeds are all part of a pleasingly dark green lawn.  Sure we have all the products required ,but we are glad to help with advice and information that will help you be successful in having the type of lawn you want



All American Defender  is a blend of (Talladega-Van Gogh - Darlington)  three top Turf Type Fescues suited for our area. A quality blend gives a home owner the advantages of the special traits that each individual variety has combined in one bag. One may have better drought tolerance the other better disease resistance and so on. For a lawn you will be proud of : try All American Defender


Crossfire III is the proud successor to Crossfire, theturf-type tall fescue that dominated the top rankingsin national Turf Trials in recent years In fact, it outperformed

every variety of the 65 tested in Arkansas,Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas-the states withhe most severe summers in the NTEP trials. Now it can take

even more heat with an enhanced seed endophyte rating of over 80%. Crossfire III also features a darker green color, improved

turf quality and better drought tolerance than its award-winningpredecessor, making Crossfire III ideal for the “transition” zone

and hotter areas of the country.

Falcon V Tall Fescue

Falcon IV is a new and improved, heat and disease resistant, tall fescue variety developed for superior turf quality across a wide area of adaptation. It is dark green in color, fine textured with excellent wear tolerance. Falcon IV exhibits a unique combination of traits including dense growth, improved turf quality and resistance to brown patch incited by Rhizoctonia solani.

Falcon IV is an endophyte enhanced tall fescue with >92% Neotyphodium coenophialum endophyte which provides resistance to a number of leaf and crown feeding insects and nematodes.

The presence of endophyte also contributes to improved biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, faster seed establishment, enhanced fall recovery and reduced summer weed invasion.

  • Ranked #1 and tied for 1st in mean turf quality among 160 entries in the 2001 NTEP Tall Fescue Test Progress Report No. 03-1
  • Exhibits high quality turf performance
  • Improved resistance to brown patch disease
  • Exhibits improved resistance to leaf spot, pythium blight, and winter net blotch
  • Recommended for permanent turf in full sun or partial shade
  • Intended for home lawns, commercial sites, parks and golf course roughs
  • Developed for the discriminating superintendent, landscaper and sports turf manager
  • Utilized from the dry temperate climates of southern California to the hot and humid regions of the southeastern US
  • Best utilized in grass seed mixtures maintained at a high height of cut with Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, hard fescue, sheep fescue or strong creeping red fescue











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